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'Isi was a joy to work with. Remote sessions are always trickier than in person, but Isi was enthusiastic, took direction well trying a variety of styles and delivered a great trail that was enhanced by his distinctive voice and really stood out on air. Thank you!'

-Helen Quigley, Audio producer @ BBC

'I thought your fluency of speech and narration was spot on, your characterizations in the piece were very, very good, and above all I just enjoyed listening to your voice, which I think is a pretty good endorsement! It was a great session, thank you.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending you to record at Audible.'

-@Audible Studios Team

'Isi was great to work with on this project - he was able to give personality and creative flair to an open brief and was open to notes when they came through allowing us to refine the finished article without losing quality as the process progressed. We were also delighted to work with him using him as the voice over which added authenticity and passion to the final piece.'
-Tristan, Bear Jam Productions

'Isi The Scribe, is a man of many talents. He not only captured the heartbeat of our organization through the lyrics he scribed but his delivery in the voiceover brought just the right emotion! It was a seamless experience collaborating with Isi all the way through this piece and I can’t wait for our next project together.'

- Neal E Johnson, Communicator

'Isi the Scribe is not only a powerful orator but an extremely witty wordsmith. 
He has repeatedly presented an outstanding performance. It is the norm for his audience to be left feeling marvelled. Isi’s eloquence and superb articulation captivates the crowd; you can’t help but be drawn in.  Any artistic challenge I throw the scribe, he takes it and reforms it into something more than I could want. He is a director’s dream and an audience’s delight'.

–Carmen Rose, Director of Vitality Vocals


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