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"Isi the Scribe is a rare treasure of a talent.

An entertaining, poignant and eloquent word smith."

-Natasha Hubert, Dancer, Singer, Choreographer.

"Isi the Scribe is not only a powerful orator but an extremely witty wordsmith. He has repeatedly presented an outstanding performance and it is the norm for his audience to be left feeling marvelled. His eloquence and superb articulation captivates the crowd; you can’t help but be drawn in. His material is earthy and relevant, encompassing both light and dark shades of humanity. As an artist, I have been casting him for shows for the past 10 years. He is punctual, reliable, and willing to help the team. He is a director’s dream and an audience’s delight".

-Carmen Rose, Creative Director of EMPOWER, Singer & Songwriter

‘I had the joy and delight of witnessing Isi perform and the experience has stayed with me since; leaving an imprint that has forever changed me as a person, in a way I could never have imagined or even expected. I was completely captivated and mesmerized as he took us on the most beautiful journey with his words, heart, energy and soul…he so courageously and with such authenticity and vulnerability, shared his truth…and it resonated with me, touching in such a deep and profound way…right to my core. Thank you for sharing your heart and gifts with the world, Isi!’

-Nura Nashabibi, Actress and Singer

‘From a humble open mic at a local East London vegan café to a packed SSE arena in front of an international crowd of thousands, I have seen Isi perform at venues of different shapes and sizes and nothing quite prepares you for the experience. This humble, unassuming, gentle giant takes the stage and morphs into this commanding performer that tangibly shifts the atmosphere of the venue. He delivers his thought provoking, witty and well-woven poems with such conviction of voice and mastery of cadence and style that I have seen poetry sceptics stunned at just how much they connect with his words. You’ll have no doubt as to why he is an in-demand poet and performer.’  

-ReFlex the Architect, MC and Hip Hop Producer

‘You get to see a warrior come alive through Isi's creative writing. His lyrics are rich and inspiring and pierce deep into your heart and soul. His passion for adventure and life are expressed by his vibrant tones and striking performances which resonate with myself and so many who have seen him live. Isi is a great inspiration in my life and it would be an honour to collaborate on a creative project with him.’

-Nikolaos Giannakakis, Actor and Visual Artist