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Who is Isi?

Hi there! I'm a UK based, award winning voiceover artist, spoken word poet, wild animal biologist and formerly a live presenter at ZSL London Zoo.


The combination of these skills make for quite an eclectic mix, but very much essential for different projects.

Transforming into characters, public speaking, creative copywriting and making a brand come to life with my voice are all part of the ‘cake’ that is ‘Isi the Scribe’.

My most recent appearance was on BBC Autumnwatch in 2021 where I did a combination of wildlife presenting, performance poetry and voiceover all blended in one wonderful film!

This appearance also won me an award for 'Best Male Performance in a TV Documentary' at the One Voice Awards 2022!

My performance poetry has taken me global as I've been fortunate enough to have performed at some iconic locations worldwide including the Rich Mix, the Science Museum, the Dominion Theatre, the Allphones Arena in Sydney, many times at the O2 Arena and Madison Square Garden in NYC!

As someone with a knack for stylizing words with my voice, I'm a natural fit for the realm of voiceover.

I was fortunate enough to be nominated at the One Voice Awards in 2021 for 'Best Radio Promo Performance'.

My natural voice can be defined as smooth, relaxed and enthusiastic but on the flip side it can also be punchy, powerful and resonant.

If you need someone with my set of special skills, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A thousand thanks!

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